This Privacy Policy statement pertains to the processes involved in collection and management of personal information of all users which includes Artists, Musicians, Art Partners or any other persons using the Services and the Platform (collectively referred to as “Users”) available on the Site (the “Service”).
This Privacy Policy applies to all Services accessible or provided via the Site or if they include this Privacy Policy or contain a direct link or reference to it (“Services”).

By accessing the Site or using our Services, a User affirms that he/she is not less than 18 years of age and that he/she has read, comprehended and consent to this Privacy Policy. In a situation whereby a User has not attained the stipulated age, or the User (or the designated representative) has not read or does not consent to these Terms, such User is not permitted to further access or use the Site and the Services.

Information Collection
Inspyr may collect or process in any way necessary the following User information in the under listed circumstances:

  • When a User is signing up or creating an account for our Services, to provide the User with the Services and to process the art exchange, the User must provide Inspyr his/her name, user/band name or nickname, identification details (including identification number and contact information, e-mail address, artistic medium, style of music/art, phone number URLs to band website, Facebook page or personal website and/or other information provided by the User as he/she is signing up on the Platform, such as biodata and information about the Artworks and Artists);


  • In order to process the payments (when applicable), the User must provide Inspyr (and the relevant Art Partners) with information on the payment method, information about his/her payment instrument, details of his/her business partners (including Art Partners) along with their necessary financial information.


  • In order to improve the User’s experience on the Site and optimise our Services and Platform, the User must provide tracking information which serves as a valuable resource to the us (the information include: how the Users are using Services and/or which device(s) are used to access them), the usage of cookies is also included as set out in clause above; and


  • To notify you on any latest services or updates provided by Inspyr, the User must submit the valid e-mail address.

Information Usage
Generally, Inspyr collects and processes the User’s personal information for the purposes listed below:

  • Account creation for a specific User with his/her profile on the Platform (if applicable);
  • Service provision by Inspyr and Service request processing;
  • Enhancement of the Services and improving User’s experience;
  • Securing the legitimate interests and assets of Inspyr and other parties;
  • Promotional purposes and direct marketing.

To analyze the User’s visits to the Site, we use cookies (codes stored locally on the User’s computer) to collect information. By allowing cookies in a browser, the User has expressly declared that we may collect cookie information for this purpose. Cookies may be turned off through the browser setting. In a situation whereby a User turns off cookies, functionality of the Site and/or provision of the Services may be limited or reduced.
The Services and the communications generated from accessing and using the Site and/or the Services which includes promotional emails may contain electronic images known as “web beacons.” Web beacons generally work in collaboration with cookies, and we may use them just as we use cookies.

We will ensure that all personal information is stored in a secured storage facility. Inspyr will undertake adequate and reasonable physical, technical, and organizational measures and strategies to secure and protect User information (which, however, does not remove from any User their responsibility to follow proper guidelines or safety measures to secure the User’s information communication to us). Our goal is to eliminate as much as possible any/all unauthorized or unlawful access to personal information, or accidental, illegal or unauthorized use, transfer, processing, copying, transmitting, alteration, modification, damage or loss of personal information. Despite all these reasonable efforts and meeting all standards set forth by applicable legal institutions, it is not exclusively possible to guarantee the security of all the User’s information, if they are transferred or transmitted in an unprotected or unsecured way. As a result of this, we cannot guarantee that the information transmitted will not be viewed, accessed, disclosed, altered, modified or destroyed by the violation of any of our safety measures.

Agreement with information sharing: The User at this moment consents with sharing the information provided to Inspyr with relevant art Partners solely for an effective operation on the Platform; in particular, the execution of the sharing related to his/her artworks and the respective exchange processes.

Personal information sharing: Depending on the circumstances stipulated in any terms for using a specific Service (e.g., relating with social media) or if it is indispensable to use the Services, personal information of the User will not be shared or provided to any third party without the prior consent of the User involved. An exception to this is for the case when we are mandated to provide personal information on legal grounds, security agencies or an order of a public authority; or if personal information sharing is specifically allowed by applicable legal regulations. If the applicable legal regulations prohibit that, Inspyr will never share personal information of its Users with any third party.

This Privacy Policy may be modified or changes periodically with or without prior notification to the Users. Such modifications or changes shall be active after the “Modified Privacy Policy” has been posted or published on the Site (Platform) with an adjoining date. In a situation whereby a User uses the Services after the publication of the “Modified Privacy Policy,” it shall be construed and interpreted as the User’s acceptance of the “Modified Privacy Policy.”

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